Wages, income from employment and labour costs

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Salarium - Statistical salary calculator

Salarium: monthly wage calculator for a job (region, economic activity, occupational group, etc.) and individual criteria (age, education, etc.).


Swiss Earnings Structure Survey

Further information on Swiss earnings structure survey.

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Key figures
Gross monthly salary (median), 2020 - Total economy, in francs 6 665


6 211


6 963
Growth in salaries/wages 2022, in %
nominal wages 0.9
real wages -1.9
Hourly costs structure of the workforce, 2018  
Total secondary and tertiary sectors, in francs 61.9

Hourly costs, in %


Wages and salaries, in %


Other costs, in %

Sources: Swiss Federal Statistical Office, Swiss Earnings Structure Survey, Swiss Wage Index, Consumer Prices Index, Labour cost structural statistics

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Gross monthly wage by economic activity, sex, professional position, skills level and in international comparison

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Gross monthly wage in the seven major regions by economic activity, sex, professional position, age, nationality and work permit

Swiss wage index

Wage growth in Switzerland. Nominal and real indices by economic activity and growth in gross wages.

Income from employment

Income of employees and self-employed persons by occupational group, work-time percentage and sex

Labour costs

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