New pensions statistics

The new pensions statistics describe the number of new recipients of old-age pensions or lump-sum withdrawals from the Swiss pension system. Data are available since 2015 for the first, second and third pillars. A pension is defined as "new" if it was drawn for the first time in the given year. As pensions can be drawn from all three pillars, it is possible for a person to receive a "new pension" several times. The statistics show the average and median amount of new pensions and lump-sum withdrawals, as well as the average and median amount received per person. For lump-sum withdrawals (pillars 2 and 3a), additional information is available as to whether these withdrawals are made for retirement or other reasons (e.g. purchasing residential property).

The data come from administrative sources (Pensions Register of the Central Compensation Office, tax reports from pension funds and insurance companies to the Federal Tax Administration). They are first anonymized, then analyzed after being matched to the Population and Households Statistics (STATPOP).


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