Passenger transport performance

Transport performance

In 2016, a total of 132.6 billion person-kilometres were travelled on the Swiss road and rail network. Of this, around three quarters, i.e. 98.9 billion person-kilometres, were accounted for by private motorised transport (cars, motorcycles, private buses). Thus, their transport performance was almost five times greater than that of railways (20.8 billion person-kilometres). Human-powered mobility (on foot and by bicycle) accounted for 8.0 billion person-kilometres and public road transport (trams and buses) for 4.5 billion. Since 1970, the transport performance of motorised private transport and public transport has more than doubled.

Passenger transport performance, 2016
  Billion person-km (except aviation) Change from 2000, as %
Total land transport performance 132.6 
Private motorised road transport 98.9 +25
    of which passenger cars 94.0
Public road transport
(tramway, trolley bus, bus)
Rail transport1 21.2
    of which railways 20.8
Human-powered mobility
(on foot, by bike)
Aviation (scheduled and charter flights)
51.8 million passengers2 +50
1) Railways, cog railways, funicular railways and cable cars
2) Local and transfer passengers
Sources: FSO – Passenger transport performance (PV-L), Public transport statistics (TP); FSO, FOCA – Aviation, scheduled and charter flights (AVIA_LC)

Kilometre performance

In 2016, private motorised transport realised a kilometre performance of 59.8 billion vehicle-kilometres (+26% since 2000). For railways the corresponding value was 201 million train-kilometres (+43% since 2000). In the passenger air transport segment, the use of means of transport is usually expressed in terms of the number of flight movements (take-offs and landings). In the scheduled and charter flight segment, 468,226 flight movements were registered in 2016 (–13% since 2000).

Kilometre performance in passenger transport, 2016
  Billion vehicle-km or train-km (except aviation) Change from 2000, as %
Private motorised road transport 59.8 +26
57.7 +27
    domestic vehicles 49.6 +21
    foreign vehicles 8.1 +70
Railway 0.2
Aviation (scheduled and charter flights) 468,226 take-offs and landings

Sources: FSO – Passenger transport performance (PV-L), Public transport statistics (TP); FSO, FOCA – Aviation, scheduled and charter flights (AVIA_LC)

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