Population's transport behaviour


On average, each Swiss resident covered a daily distance of just under 37 kilometres within Switzerland in 2015. The majority of this (65%) was covered by passenger car. The most common reason for using transport (accounting for 44% of the daily distances travelled) was leisure activities, followed by work (24%).

Key figures on transport behaviour in 2015
Daily distance and travel time
Average daily distance per person1 (inside Switzerland) 36.8 km
    Change from 2000 +5%
    Share of passenger cars 65%
    Share of public transport 24%
    Share of leisure traffic 44%
    Share of work-related traffic 24%
Average daily travel time2 per person1
(inside Switzerland)
90.4 min.
Annual mobility
Average annual mobility per person1 (inside Switzerland and abroad; incl. all trips) 24 849 km
    Share of distances abroad 45%
    Share of distances by aeroplane 36%
Ownership of vehicles, driving licences and public transport season tickets
Share of households with car(s) 78%
Share of households with bicycle(s) 65%
Share of population (18 and over) with driving licence 82%
Share of population (16 and over) with public transport season ticket(s) 57%
1) Swiss permanent residents of 6 years and over
2) Including waiting and transfer times
Source: FSO, ARE – Mobility and transport microcensus (MTMC)

Mobility and COVID-19

How has the Covid 19 pandemic changed our mobility behaviour? Find here experimental analyses on distances covered, means of transport used, etc.

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