Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC)

SILC (Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) is a representative survey of households in Switzerland. This instrument aims at studying poverty, social exclusion and living conditions on the basis of indicators that are comparable at the European level.

This yearly survey (from January to June) is carried out through telephone interviews (CATI). The persons who participate in the survey are interviewed for several years. This setting aims at describing the important stages in individual trajectories and at studying changes in living conditions.

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European comparisons (EU-SILC)

The survey is also conducted each year in cooperation with the statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat) in about 30 countries throughout Europe (EU-SILC: „European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions"). Over 130 000 households and 270 000 persons take part in the survey. This means that the results can also be compared with those of other countries.

Links to the results and publications at European level are listed further below under "Further information" in the paragraph "Links".


Every year, some 8,000 households, or around 18,000 people, are surveyed in Switzerland. People answer the questions once a year for four consecutive years. A quarter of the sample is therefore renewed each year. The response burden is lightened for subsequent participations.

The questionnaires are available in French, German and Italian.

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Other reports are available in French and German. 

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Other reports are available in French and German. 



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