Contribution to household earnings

The individual contributions made by the woman and the man to the household's earnings are the result of the different activity rate and remuneration of each partner. On average in couple households, women contribute just under a third and men two thirds to the household's annual earnings. This imbalance varies in severity depending on the family situation. In couples without children the woman provides a greater part of the total earnings than in couples with child(ren). As the number of children in the household increases, this contribution tends to decline.

In households consisting of a couple with child(ren), in which the youngest is between 13 and 17 years old, and even more pronouncedly, in those where the youngest is between 18 and 24, the children contribute substantially to the income of the household that is derived from work. In those with children of the older age group, the contribution of members other than the couple amounts around a quarter.

In almost one out of five couples, the woman earns no income. Among couples without children, three out of ten women contribute at least half of the income derived from work. This share is around one in ten when one or more child(ren) are present in the household.


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