The asset account for standing timber resources provides information on the level of standing timber stocks in Swiss forests as well as changes in these stocks through increments, extraction, reclassifications, etc. It is established in physical value and in monetary value. The value of standing timber is calculated by subtracting harvest costs from potential raw timber revenues. If for a given area this value is positive and if it is not a forest reserve, then the stock is economic and monetarized; otherwise, the stock is non-economic and is not monetarized.

The asset account for standing timber resources is the first example of asset accounting for natural resources in Switzerland. This account is compiled by the FSO in the scope of the Economic accounts for forestry (EAF).

  1990 2010 2022e
Standing timber stocks (closing stocks), total, in million m3 (in bark) 382.1 414.4 443.1

Economic stocks of standing timber

329.0 287.9 275.8

Non economic or protected stocks of standing timber

53.1 126.5 167.3
Changes during the current year, total, in million m3 (in bark) -1.3 2.0 2.8

Net annual increment

8.1 6.4 8.0


-9.5 -6.1 -6.3

Other changes in stocks

0.1 1.7 1.1
Economic stocks of standing timber, in million CHF (at current prices) 18 659 10 113 9 005
e: estimates Source: FSO – Economic accounts for forestry (EAF)

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