Recipients of special benefits

Under the 2nd pillar (occupational pension plan) and pillar 3a (private pension plan), it is possible to withdraw all or part of the assets in the form of a lump-sum payment, subject to certain conditions, before the legal retirement age. This page presents the following two special benefits:

  • Access to home ownership and
  • Becoming self-employed on the labour market

Encouraging access to home ownership

In 2022, 19 418 people received a second-pillar benefit to buy their own home. The median amount withdrawn was CHF 58 000. The median amount received by men was around CHF 65 000 and CHF 50 000 for women.

Among the 36 590 recipients of a new benefit from a private individual pension plan (pillar 3a), the amounts received by men and women are much closer: the median amount received by women was around CHF 30 000 and CHF 34 000 for men.

Becoming self-employed

In 2022, 6 186 people received a lump-sum 2nd pillar benefit for self-employment. The median 2nd pillar amount paid to these persons was CHF 38 752. The gender ratio is relatively balanced; the median amount received by men was around CHF 40 000 and it was almost CHF 37 000 for women.

Almost 1 350 people received a lump-sum pillar 3a benefit for self-employment. Women received around CHF 18 002 (median) and men CHF 21 380 (median).

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