Recipients of old-age benefits

This page provides information on the recipients of old-age benefits paid under the three pillars of old-age provision.

This is information at individual level concerning persons permanently resident in Switzerland on 31 December of the year described. If a person receives more than one benefit under the same pillar, the amounts received are added together. It should be noted that these figures concern individual persons. The cumulated sum within the household cannot be determined as part of the new pensions statistics.

Number of new recipients of old-age benefits

In 2022, 228 418 people received at least one new old-age benefit from the old-age provision system.

The gender ratio is relatively balanced for old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI) benefits. In contrast, a higher proportion of men than women receive second- or third-pillar benefits. These significant differences are largely due to differences in men's and women's career paths (interruption of professional activity or part-time work for family reasons).

New recipients of old-age provision benefits, 2022




Total 1)



PP (PF and VBI)

PP (PF and VBI)

Pillar 3a


Total (all age groups)

97 373

45 290

63 259

121 343

228 418

Men (all age groups)

47 239

25 775

35 896

69 476

122 179

Women (all age groups)

50 134

19 515

27 363

51 867

106 239

1) This column indicates the totals of the beneficiaries per row, excluding double counting of persons and benefits.

OASI = old-age and survivors' insurance
PP = occupational pension plan
PF = pension funds
VBI = vested benefits institutions

Sources: FSO – New pensions statistics (NRS), Population and Households Statistics (STATPOP), 24.11.2023 version

© FSO 2023

Level of new OASI pensions and occupational pensions per recipient

The median monthly amount of the new OASI pension was CHF 1810 in 2022, while the median monthly amount of the new occupational pension plan was CHF 1744 in 2022. More precisely, the median pension received by women in 2022 was CHF 1237 and that of men CHF 2128.

Level of lump-sum payments under occupational pension plans and pillar 3a

Lump-sum payments under occupational pension plans and the pillar 3a follow the same trends as pension levels under occupational pension plans and the 1st pillar. The amounts received by men are higher.

In 2022, the median capital from an occupational pension plan received by men was CHF 175 769 and CHF 70 978 for women.

For pillar 3a, the median capital from an occupational pension plan received by men was CHF 49 008 and CHF 41 614 for women.

New recipients of old-age benefits from a pension fund, by combination of benefits and gender

As the graph below shows, in 2022 44% of new old-age benefit recipients received only a new pension, 37% received only a lump-sum payment and 19% received both a new pension and a lump-sum payment. Women are more likely than men to have received only a pension (49% compared with 39%). Men were more likely than women to receive both a lump-sum payment and a new pension (23% compared with 14%).

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