Pension funds and active members

Pension funds

The statistical unit of the pension fund statistics is the pension fund. A pension fund cannot be likened to a corporation as the later may manage several pension funds. A pension fund may also insure employers from several corporations.

The number of pension funds (PF) continued to decrease until the end of 2018 to reach 1562 units (compared with 1643 in 2017).

PF proportions by risk coverage scheme in 2018
Risk coverage scheme In percentage
Autonomous PF 38.1%
Semi-autonomous PF 55.2%
Collective PF 6.3%
Savings scheme
Source: FSO - Pension fund statistics 2018

Autonomous and semi-autonomous PF continue to be the main form of fund with regard to risk coverage scheme.

Active members

By definition, a person subject to the compulsory Occupational Pension Act (OPA) is:

  • subject to OAI
  • an employee
  • paid an annual wage greater than three quarters of the maximum single OAI pension
  • covered for risks of disability and death since 1st January after the 17th birthday
  • saving for old-age since 1st January after the 24th birthday and
  • in an employment relationship having lasted or being concluded for a period of 3 months or more.

The number of active members is constantly increasing and at the end of 2018 was 4 245 569.

Proportions of active members in 2018 by gender
Men 57.3%
Women 42.7%
Source: FSO - Pension fund statistics 2018

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