Balance sheet and income statement

Balance sheet

Excerpt of balance sheet 2021

Total assets

1 159 345

Assets: Direct and collective investments

1 158 204

Liabilities: Debts

15 253

Liabilities: Actuarial capital and actuarial provisions

988 583

Liabilities: Underfunding

-30 328
in CHF million Source: FSO — Pension fund statistics 2021

At the end of 2021, total assets amounted to CHF 1 159 billion (+9.1%).

At CHF 366.9 billion, stocks are the largest asset class in 2021. Bonds in second position (CHF 322.4 billion) follow them. Real estate lies in third position with CHF 242.4 billion.

Income statement

Excerpt of income statement 2021
Contributions, inputs and entry benefits

99 394


-90 835

Net return on investments

87 008

in CHF million

1 pensions, regulatory lump-sum payments, vested benefits and withdrawals
Source: FSO — Pension fund statistics 2021

The net return on investments was CHF 87 billion in 2021.

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