Respondents / eCensus

The structural survey questionnaire is targeted at randomly selected persons. It can be completed online or on paper.

Completing questionnaire online

You can fill out the online questionnaire on the smartphone, desktop/laptop or tablet devices. You can find your password and user name (=login) on your letter or, if you have received a paper questionnaire, on the form labelled personal questionnaire.

You can suspend the questionnaire at any time by clicking on 'Logout' and rejoin the questionnaire again later. The answers you have already given will be saved.

Before you start to complete the questionnaire, you are advised to have the following documents ready:

  • rental details - you will find the necessary information in your rental agreement
  • AHV insurance number (also for the other persons in your household) (AHV: Swiss old age and survivors' insurance) - you will find the AHV number on the health insurance card, on the AHV card or on a wage certificate.

Documentation on survey


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