Methodological basis for research and regional partners

Accuracy of results

The Structural Survey is conducted as a sample survey. Data are extrapolated to obtain statistical results for the whole population. These are estimates subject to a certain degree of uncertainty

Cumulated data/pooling

By merging or cumulating samples (pooling) it is possible to analyse data together, gathered on several separate occasions for the same survey. Merging gives more accurate results than those obtained from one single sample. The results from the cumulated data, however, no longer refer to a specific reference date but are mean values for the whole period under observation and for an average population during this period.

Enlargement of the sample size of the structural survey

With the standard programme, the Confederation provides the cantons with an extensive range of information free of charge. Should the data provided prove to be insufficient for certain regional policy or planning purposes, the cantons can enlarge the sample. But the possibilities for supplementing the sample are subject to some organisational and methodological restrictions:


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