New registrations of road vehicles by month (data 2020, compared to the previous year)

Results by canton, vehicle group, vehicle type, fuel, month and year

This dataset presents the provisional monthly data of new registrations of road vehicles (passenger cars, passenger vehicles, goods vehicles, agricultural vehicles, industrial vehicles, motorcycles, trailers) by canton and fuel, since 2019.
An updated version of this document is available. Please see the following link:
New registrations of road vehicles by month (provisional data 2024, compared to the previous years)
Language DE/EN/FR/IT
Type Table
Published on 31.01.2022
Observation period 2019-2021
Published by Federal Statistical Office
Copyright Federal Statistical Office
Terms of Use OPEN-BY-ASK
Theme Mobility and transport
FSO number px-x-1103020200_101
Survey, statistics New registrations of road vehicles
Associated documents Road vehicles in 2021: new registrations and stock

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