Costs and funding of rail transport

In 2020, rail transport generated total costs of CHF 12.0 billion (2010: 9.8 billion), of which 9.9 billion for passenger transport and 2.1 billion for goods transport.

In addition to transport users, the public authorities have played an important role in funding rail transport: the Confederation, cantons and communes spent around CHF 5.6 billion on this in 2020, accounting for 46% of the total costs. This money was used to finance infrastructure projects and subsidise certain services provided by transport companies.

Costs and funding of rail transport, 2020
Total costs1
CHF 12.0 billion
    Change since 2010 +23%
    Share of passenger transport
    Share of goods transport
Transport users' share of funding 35%
Public authorities' share of funding 46%
1) Including the intangible costs of environmental and health damage and accidents. Source: FSO – Statistics on the cost an funding of transport (CFT)

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