National Cancer Statistics (NKS) - Methods

The National Cancer Statistics provide information on the status of and trends in cancer mortality (deaths) and incidence (new cases) in Switzerland and in the different language regions, which are defined on a cantonal basis. Cantons are allocated to one of the language regions according to the language spoken by the majority of their population. The cantons of Vaud, Valais, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Jura, Fribourg and Ticino form the "French and Italian-speaking" language region, while the remaining 19 cantons form the "German-speaking" language region.

The National Cancer Statistics include the annual cancer monitoring (data updated on the FSO website) and a national report on cancer in Switzerland, which is published every five years. Various indicators are presented by cancer site to describe the burden of cancer.

These are composite statistics based on data from existing sources: the Federal Statistical Office's (FSO) Cause of death statistics (COD), data from the National Agency for Cancer Registration (NACR), data from the Childhood Cancer Registry (ChCR) and the FSO's population statistics.


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