Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings

General Information

Established in 2000, the Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings (RBD) uses data from the population census carried out the same year. It contains data on all buildings with residential use in Switzerland and their dwellings.

Associated with the unique Swiss federal identifiers for buildings and dwellings (EGID and EWID), important basic data are managed, such as addresses, geographical coordinates, year of construction, number of floors, method of heating the building, the number of rooms, the surface area of the dwellings and so on.

An overview of the Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings (RBD)

The Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings (RBD)

Within the framework of the population census, the Federal Statistical Office surveys all buildings with residential use and dwellings in Switzerland. To facilitate this survey, in 1998 the Parliament decided to create a Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings (RBD) in which important basic data on Swiss buildings and dwellings are maintained for statistical and administrative purposes.

Since January 2002, the Federal Statistical Office has managed the RBD in close collaboration with cantons and communes. A few cantons manage their own register of buildings and dwellings in accordance with the FSO’s provisions or plan to create a register of this kind.


Usage for statistical, research and planning purposes, as well as for the performance of legal obligations at the level of the Confederation, cantons and the communes.

Modernisation of statistical surveys, especially to reduce the workload of the communes and mandatory respondents for future population censuses.

Database for spatial analysis (geocoding) of important statistical surveys (population census, business census).

Content of the Register

The RBD contains all buildings with residential use in Switzerland and their dwellings. Buildings without residential use will also be managed in the register in the future, as there currently is no mandatory registration or maintenance requirement as per the Federal RBD Ordinance.

Every building and dwelling is associated with a unique Swiss identification number (EGID and EWID) and a standardised geocoded address according to the SNV norm 612040.

Further basic data, such as the age, the dimension, the energy supply, etc. provide an up-to-date view of the building and dwelling stock of Switzerland, thanks to the quarterly update. Data on residents, property status, the level of rents and similar are, however, not contained in the RBD.

Who maintains the data

The Federal Statistical Office (FSO) manages the RBD in close collaboration with communal services and with the specialised services of the Confederation, cantons and communes. The construction services report every construction project requiring a building permit to the FSO (new constructions, transformations, demolitions) via the internet and a defined interface or via web services. The data survey takes place in coordination with the FSO’s construction statistics. To update the data, other sources are also used such as land registry offices and the Swiss Post.

Update frequency

Since 1st January 2001, the annual survey for the update of the Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings (RBD) and the annual survey for the FSO’s construction and dwelling statistics (BAU) have been coordinated. Since 1st January 2011, the survey has taken place every quarter.

Composition and mandate of the RBD Coordination Group

To ensure the continuous development of the RBD in line with the needs of the statistical and the administrative services of the communes, cantons and the Confederation, the FSO has established a RBD coordination group. This comprises stakeholders of services managing cantonal registers, the most important user groups, as well as IT managers and editors of building management software.

The coordination group deals with technical and content matters and the management of the register. It is convened once a year by the FSO.


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