UID Register

The UID register maintained by the FSO is a central database that is only used for the identification of enterprises. The information it contains is limited to the basic minimum that is required for identification.

If an authority reports a new enterprise in the UID register, a UID is promptly generated and allocated. After verification by the FSO, the UID is made available to the enterprise for contact with authorities.

The UID register can be accessed via various interfaces. Larger authority registers are linked to the UID register via Webservice. The data structure is based on the eCH-0108 - standard (on business register data). Authorities with smaller data collections use the online register.

The data exchange flows in two directions: Firstly, the associated authorities (UID services) report new entries, changes and deletions of enterprises to the UID register. Secondly, they can also retrieve master data on individual enterprises already available from the UID register.

Webservice and the online register can also be used by the public with limitations.

InfoAbo – always up to date

Icon InfoAbo

The InfoAbo informs a UID service of new entries, changes or deletions of enterprises. Each UID service decides for itself what it finds of interest and can make the settings independently. By using the InfoAbo, an authority is always automatically up to date with its enterprise data.
This means that enterprises do not have to re-enter their master data every time they contact the authorities. The InfoAbo improves the quality of enterprise data and simplifies contact with authorities.

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