Batch request

The UID batch request offers private enterprises and public authorities the opportunity to update and complete their enterprise database with information from the UID register. Using a batch request, they can supplement their data collections with the UID without having to make individual requests manually.

As an enterprise or authority, you send the UID team a file via an agreed channel which contains at least the names and addresses of your enterprises (see "UID batch request – Input file" under "further information", available in German, French and Italian). The file should not contain more than 100 000 entries. The UID team supplements and returns the file with the corresponding UID data.

Please note that the name, postcode and place are required as minimum information in the input file. Batch requests are only carried out on enterprise data that are supplied.

How UID batch requests work

Data matching is based on an automated similarity search. We strongly recommend that you check the UID units that we suggest for accuracy and contact us if anything is unclear.
The Jaro-Winkler values and the hit type (e.g. "NameAdress") provide important information about the quality of the hits. Results that are based on the address plus the name are more reliable.

Matching procedure for UID allocation

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