Data Science as a Service

The Data Science Competence Center (DSCC) offers Data Science as a Service (DSaaS). Within the framework of its mandate, which stipulates the provision of services in the public interest, the scope of the DSCC's work is restricted to the Swiss public sector and administrations (Confederation, cantons and communes).

Data science and AI services

As a part of its mission as a public service provider, the DSCC develops quality standards and guidelines for data protection compliance and basic infrastructures (sandboxes) for data science and AI applications in the public sector. It does so in close collaboration with its academic and institutional partners.

In addition to these basic services, the DSCC offers services and expertise as detailed below:

  1. Consulting

    Consulting related to strategical, tactical and operational application of (for the federal administration) innovative data science methods and procedures (e.g. potential analysis of methods from advanced statistics, machine learning and the field of AI). 

  2. Methodological support

    Methodological support (coaching – training on the job) for relevant application-oriented projects within the public administration or outsourced to third parties. Implementation of the results in existing administrative processes with the aim of improving and/or optimizing them and/or enriching them with new insights.

  3. Project execution

    Complete realization, from problem formulation (business understanding) to Minimal Viable Product (MVP), of relevant data science projects. Depending on the scope of the project, the DSCC can call on its institutional and academic partners to extend its data science expertise.

  4. Training

    Application-oriented training sessions (training – training off the job) on data science methods, techniques and practices and the necessary (IT) technologies and tools.


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