Actual hours worked

The actual hours worked correspond to the true number of hours actually worked in the scope of employment. In contrast to normal hours of work, they include overtime but do not include absences.

At macroeconomic level, the actual volume of work is given in million hours worked by all employed persons in Switzerland. It thus serves as a basis for calculating the productivity per hour worked. At microeconomic level, the actual number of annual and weekly hours worked is given in hours per job.

Key figures, 2020

Annual volume of hours worked, in millions of hours
  Total employed persons
  Normal annual volume of hours worked 8 378
Annual volume of hours of absences  946
+ Annual volume of hours of overtime  176
= Annual volume of actual hours worked 7 608
Annual working hours, in millions of hours
  Total employed persons Full-time employees1)
  Normal annual working hours 1 540 1 957
Annual hours of absences  174  229
+ Annual hours of overtime  32  37
= Actual annual hours worked 1 399 1 765
Weekly working hours, in millions of hours
  Total employed persons Full-time employees1)
  Normal weekly working hours  32.7  41.8
Weekly hours of absences  3.7  4.9
+ Weekly hours of overtime  0.7  0.8
= Actual weekly hours worked  29.7
1) Full-time employees refers to employees who work at 100%. Employees who own their business and apprentices are excluded. Source: FSO – Work Volume Statistics (WV)

In 2020, the total number of hours worked in Switzerland was 7.608 billion (7.929 billion in 2019). By dividing this volume by the total number of jobs, an average of 1399 hours per year and per job is obtained, corresponding to a working week of 29 hours and 44 minutes. If only full-time employees are taken into account, the annual hours worked are 1765 and the weekly hours 37 and 44 minutes.

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