Inventory of means-tested social benefits for poverty reduction

The inventory offers a systematic compilation of the cantonal means-tested social benefits for poverty reduction which form part of social assistance in a broader sense. It defines for which benefits recipient and financial data are recorded as part of the Swiss Social Assistance Statistics. In total, over 100 social benefits are shown in detail in the inventory. It contains information on eligibility criteria, calculation, maximum benefit amounts and much more.

Since 2007, the inventory has been updated annually. The inventory contents refer to the corresponding cantonal legal bases updated on the first of January.

Every canton has at least the following three benefits: economic social assistance, supplementary benefits and maintenance advances. In 2022, ten cantons (BE, LU, SZ, OW, NW, BL, AR, AI, TG, NE) had three benefits. By contrast, the cantons of Vaud, Zug, Geneva and Ticino offer the greatest number of means-tested social benefits for poverty reduction, with 8 (VD), and 6 (ZG, GE, TI) benefits respectively.

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