Analyses and trajectories in the social security system

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Statistical report of the social situation in Switzerland

The Statistical report of the social situation in Switzerland describes the main social and economic trends affecting Switzerland as a whole and the different risks people may have
to face during their lifetime. It analyses the social protection available to individuals and population groups who are confronted with risks that are insufficiently provided for in Switzerland's social
security system.

Analysen System der sozialen Sicherheit

Analyses about the social security system

The statistics on social trajectory patterns show 697 789 persons who received daily allowances from unemployment insurance (ALV), a pension from invalidity insurance (IV) or benefits from economic social assistance in 2018. The statistic indicates the number of beneficiaries and annual movements between social benefit systems.

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Analyses and trajectories: main indicators
Indicator Result Most recent source
ALV daily allowance, social assistance and IV pension recipient rate 12.6% SHIVALV 2018
Lone parents with child(ren) under 25 years  4.7%
Structural Survey 2019
Economic activity rate 64.6% SLFS 2020
Unemployment rate based on ILO definition 4.8% SLFS 2020
Disposable equivalised income (median in CHF) 4 159 Household Budget Survey 2018
Proportion of people without qualifications   10.7% SLFS 2020
Social assistance rate 3.2% Social Assistance Statistics 2019
Sources: Population and Households Statistics, Structural Survey, Swiss Labour Force Survey, Household Budget Survey, Social assistance Statistics, Statistics on social trajectory patterns

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Analyses about the social security system

Interactions and relationships between unemployment insurance (ALV), social assistance and invalidity insurance (IV).

Statistical report of the social situation in Switzerland

The Swiss social statistics report is based on a description of the Swiss social, economic and institutional context.


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