Reproductive health

Reproductive health is an aspect of the health of women of childbearing age. Indicators of reproductive health include maternal age at the time of delivery, the proportion of deliveries by cesaeran section, the use of fertility treatments with assisted reproductive technology, the use of contraceptive methods, the pregnancy termination rate and the frequency of gynecological examinations.

Reproductive health
Number of deliveries1 (2022)

81 434

Average age of mothers at delivery2 (2022) 32.3
Proportion of deliveries by caesarean section, in % (2022) 33.0
Assisted reproductive technology, in vitro methods: women in treatment (2022) 6 609
Assisted reproductive technology, in vitro methods: live births3 (2022) 2 370
Terminations of pregnancy, absolute number 4 (2022) 11 133
Terminations of pregnancy, rate 5 (2022) 6.9
1 This includes deliveries of live born an stillborn children, source: BEVNAT
2 In years
3 Live births following assisted reproductive technology treatments with in vitro methods in 2022
4 Women residing in Switzerland
5 Women residing in Switzerland per 1000 women between 15-44 years
Source: BEVNAT, MS, StatLPMA, StatIVG

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