Compulsory education, upper secondary level, tertiary level - professional colleges

Women represent approximately 70% of all teaching staff. The percentage of women, however, varies greatly depending on the level of education: Whereas women are clearly overrepresented at primary level, from upper secondary level onwards they are under-represented.

Teaching staff volumes by educational level, 2018/19
In people Total Women % Foreigners %
Total1 119 387 69,3 6,5
Primary level 1-22 18 430 94,9 3,8
Primary level 3-8 51 844 83,1 5,2
Lower secondary level 33 807 55,5 8,6
Upper secondary level, general education courses3 12 000 47,8 8,4
Upper secondary level, vocational education and training (VET) 17 402 42,1 7,2
PET colleges 2 229 40,6 14,1
1) Public schools only, without separate teaching, without double countings
2) Primary level 1-2: two years of kindergarten or the first two years of the first learning cycle
3) Including transitional education lower and upper secondary, preparation for vocational baccalaureate and complement education in upper secondary
Source : FSO - School staff statistics (SSP)
Updated: March 2020

The school staff statistics (SSP) covers school staff in state and private schools from compulsory education to the PET colleges; universities are excluded. The data consists of the personnel statistics recorded by the 26 cantons.


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