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Higher education staff includes all people who were employed at a Swiss institution of higher education during the reference year. At the universities of applied sciences (UAS) and universities of teacher education (UTE), the communication of practical skills in basic tertiary education and continuing education and training is important, at the universities and institutes of technology (UNI) it is a combination of teaching and research. If staff are considered as a resource instead of persons, these resources are measured in full-time equivalents (FTE). This variable measures effort for the whole calendar year.


Higher education institutions employ around 103 000 persons, around 70% of these at the UNI, around 25% at the UAS, and the remainder at the UTE. Expressed in FTE, around 67 000 units are available to the Swiss higher education institutions. The difference between the number of persons and the number of FTE illustrates the large share of part-time employees. The number of persons employed and the FTE have increased in the past ten years. This applies to the UNI, UAS and UTE in equal measure. During this time, the method used for calculating the number of employed persons changed for the UAS and the UTE. For this reason, the FTE is the preferred variable for demonstrating growth.


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Staff of universities and institutes of technology (UNI) in full-time equivalents in the calendar year and persons on 31.12.

Universities of applied sciences

Staff of universities of applied sciences (UAS without UTE) in full-time equivalents in the calendar year and persons on 31.12.

Universities of teacher education

Staff of universities of teacher education (UTE) in full-time equivalents in the calendar year and persons on 31.12.

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