Cross-border City Statistics

In the scope of the project, data are not only collected at city level (core city level) but also at subcity level and at a larger urban zone level. Against this background, the influence of nearby French and German territory of Urban Audit's cross-border cities Geneva and Basel can hardly be ignored. The statistical offices of Geneva (OCSTAT) and Basel-Stadt have thus decided together with the FSO to consider the entire urban area of Geneva and Basel both within and beyond the Swiss national border. Switzerland carried out a cross-border Urban Audit in Europe for the first time together with France's National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the German Statistical Office of Baden-Württemberg, and with Eurostat's approval.

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The data are currently only available in French and German.


The data is only available in French and German.




A publication from the City of Basel (in German only) with the last data of cross-border City Statistics.

The cross-border agglomerations Basel and Geneva have compared themselves two times with other European cities based on City Statistics (Urban Audit) data. 

Basel: The publication Urban Audit Basel: ein grenzüberschreitender Vergleich (in German) is available for free as a PDF on the website of the Basel-Stadt Statistical Office.

Geneva: The statistics office of Geneva has published La Genève transfrontalière en comparaison européenne (in French), which can be downloaded for free as a PDF from the website of the Observatoire statistique transfrontalier.


More informations about cross-border perimeters around Basel and Geneva could be find at Perimeter.



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