Cross-border City Statistics

In the scope of the project, data are not only collected at city level (core city level) but also at subcity level and at a larger urban zone level. Against this background, the influence of nearby French and German territory of City Statistic's cross-border cities Geneva and Basel can hardly be ignored. The statistical offices of Geneva (OCSTAT) and Basel-Stadt have thus decided together with the FSO to consider the entire urban area of Geneva and Basel both within and beyond the Swiss national border. Switzerland carried out a cross-border chapter of City Statistics together with France's National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the German Statistical Office of Baden-Württemberg, and with Eurostat's approval.

The cross-border atlas of the cities is updated every year (in French or German)

Additional information


The data are currently only available in French and German.


The data is only available in French and German.


Maps from the cross-border atlas of the cities (only in German or French)



More informations about cross-border perimeters around Basel and Geneva could be find at Perimeter.



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