General conditions of sales

General conditions (GC) of the Federal Statistical Office concerning the ordering of products and services or the purchase of licences via the online shop of the FSO.

  1. These GCs shall govern the completion, content and performance of contracts concerning the Ordering Party’s purchase of products, provision of services or purchase of software licences (all collectively referred to hereinafter as “products/services)) of the FSO via the online shop of the FSO.

  2. These GCs shall be considered to have been unconditionally accepted by the Ordering Party as soon as the Ordering Party places an order by pressing the button required for an order and indicates the desired payment method on the page of the FSO online shop (or by means of an equivalent process).

  3. The Ordering party shall be entitled to order the products (services on sales on the FSO online shop portal either pursuant to an invoice or by means of electronic payment (with credit or Postcard).

  4. The products/services ordered from the FSO online shop shall be delivered (or the services provided) to the Ordering Party as quickly as possible. Within three weeks of the products sold by the FSO having been sent, the Ordering Party shall be required to check for possible defects and to inform the FSO in writing, otherwise the purchased product shall be deemed accepted. Any material warranty for purchases shall be excluded – to the extent permitted by law. In the event that any defects(malfunctions involving FSO services which were ordered from the FSO online shop are noticed, they shall be immediately reported during normal office hours – taking into account the public holidays of Neuchâtel.

  5. If the Ordering Party pays with a credit card or with a Postcard, it shall thereby instruct the card company which it used to place the order to remit to the FSO the sum of money due as a result of the order. The Ordering Party shall notify the card company whose card it used to place the order, in accordance with the GCs of the said card company of any deficiencies or malfunctions relating to the electronic payment system (or card system used by the Ordering Party. The FSO assumes no liability for the proper functioning of the electronic payment system used by the Ordering Party which can be accessed via the online shop. If the Ordering Party finds a problem with the electronic payment system in the online shop, he/she shall immediately report this to the FSO.

  6. If the Ordering Party finds that the product he/she ordered has not arrived within one month of the order, he/she shall immediately report this to the FSO. The same principle applies, mutatis mutandis, to the services to be provided by the FSO(as of a specified date) and to the rights to use specific software granted by the FSO (as of a specified date).

  7. Any liability by the FSO for slight or moderate negligent breaches of contract is excluded. In terms of the amount, the FSO’s liability to the Ordering Party shall be limited to the total sum of money required from the Ordering Party for the purchase (or for the provision of services or the granting of rights of use). If a payment is made by credit card or Postcard, the card company instructed to make the payment shall be solely liable for the correct billing and payment of the sum of money owed to the FSO.

  8. By placing the order, the Ordering Party agrees that its data shall be kept by the FSO as long as is necessary for processing the order and for proper billing and accounting. Disclosure of customer details by the FSO to third parties is excluded.

  9. The ordering party is liable for any incorrect and/or incomplete information (with regard to the shipping address in particular) which he/she transmitted to the FSO.


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