My UID data

Enterprise data is displayed in the UID register as communicated by the responsible authority.
To see your enterprise's full entry, please log on to the UID register and go to “MyUID” and “View own data”.

An enterprise’s key data consist of the name and address as well as information on whether the enterprise is registered in the commercial register or the VAT register. The key data can be accessed by the public.
The additional data include further information on the enterprise’s address and detailed information on the commercial register entry and economic activity. For sole proprietorships, information about the individual is also given. The additional data can only be seen by you and the authority.
The system data provide technical information about the UID register entry and can only be seen by you and the FSO.

Authority responsible for your enterprise (UID service)

Each entity registered in the UID register has a UID service that is responsible for it. This is the authority that ultimately decides on the entities reference data in the UID register.
Under “MyUID”, “View own data” and “Sources of information” you can find all the authorities that according to our information, list your enterprise in their data.

At the top is the authority that is responsible for your enterprise’s data in the UID register. If you wish to announce changes or updates, you should contact this authority.

Modifying data yourself

Some data in the UID register under “MyUID” and “Edit own data” can be modified by the enterprise itself.
This includes specifying an email address or website as well as an additional name (for sole proprietorships without a commercial register entry, e.g. company name or job title). You can also select the preferred language for correspondence.

For any other changes, please contact the UID service responsible for your enterprise.

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