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Social protection in Switzerland: financial results 2022

In 2022, expenditure on social benefits totalled CHF 207.8 billion (–2,0% on 2021 to constant prices). This amount represented 26.6% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

What are the Total Social Security Accounts?

This synthesis statistic on the funding of social protection is based on a method and concepts developed in cooperation with the European Union's statistical office (Eurostat).

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The social protection system covers risks and needs related to unforeseeable life events. Social insurances, as well the public authorities, guarantee the majority of social benefits in Switzerland. In 2022, they totalled CHF 207.8 billion, equal to 26.6% of the GDP. Benefits related to old age and sickness/health care are the largest in monetary terms. The same holds true at European level.

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