Production account

The production account records the transactions related to gross output and intermediate consumption. The resulting balancing item is gross value added. The value added of the total economy is the sum of the value added from all economic activities and sectors. After adjustments, this corresponds to the gross domestic product (GDP). Three different representations of the production account are available: by economic sector, by institutional sector and by economic activity. The latter is presented in two different groups (50 economic activities, some grouped into sections). The results are available at current prices and in change rates at previous year's prices. In addition to the data mentioned above, a table showing compensation of employees by industry is also available.

Production account, sectors (in millions of Swiss francs, at current prices)
Industries 2019 2020 2021
Agriculture, forestry and fishing 4 644 4 864 4 604
Manufactury and construction 177 221 172 361 179 975
Services (incl. commerce) 515 162 498 513 526 235
Total before adjustment 697 027 675 738 710 814
Taxes on products 35 904 35 421 37 538
Subsidies on products -16 052 -16 498 -16 690
Gross Domestic Product 716 879 694 662 731 662
Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office, National Accounts

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