Standard of living

Equality regarding standard of living: main results
  Persons with severe disabilities Persons with disabilities (total) Persons without disabilities
Own financial situation (average satisfaction) 1 4.9 6.5 7.3
Disability benefits (%) 2 34.4 15.2 1.2
Risk of poverty (%) 3 26.2 16.1 10.5
Population aged 16 to 64 years living in a private household.
1 SILC 2021. Average score on a scale of 0 (-) to 10 (+).
2 SILC 2021. Persons receiving at least one type of benefit (pension, allowance, other).
3 SILC 2020. Persons living in a household at risk of poverty (less than 60% of median disposable income).
Source: FSO – Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC)

Relevance to equality

People with disabilities should have an adequate standard of living for themselves and their family. This includes being able to access benefits from the social state and protection from poverty. A disability can cause financial difficulties by reducing one’s earning capacity (income from employment) or by engendering particular costs.

This section deals with the financial situation and resources of people with disabilities from the aspect of the overall financial situation, the financial resources that people with disabilities receive from the social protection system and their exposure to poverty.

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