Survista statistica da la Svizra 2018

Survista statistica da la Svizra 2018

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Quest'ovra porscha in purtret multitematic davart la situaziun en Svizra durant ils ultims onns. Ella cuntegna cartas, texts, graficas e tabellas ch'illustreschan las tendenzas las pli impurtantas en ils differents secturs. La statistica represchenta la societad. Tge ch'è l'in-teressant vi da la statistica n'èn betg necessariamain las cifras, mabain ils messadis concernent la societad ch'ella ans transmetta - messadis davart las relaziuns tranter ils individis en Svizra, ma er en lur interacziuns da l'autra vart da noss cunfins.

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Published on 20.03.2018
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Associated documents Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland 2018 / Statistical Data on Switzerland 2018



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