GEOSTAT is the centre of competence for geoinformation and digital image processing within the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. By means of geoinformatics, basic data and services are offered to produce maps and perform spatial analysis. GEOSTAT maintains also a geographical information system available for the entire office.

Dissemination of federal statistics' geodata

Among the theoretically producible geodata released for publication, GEOSTAT defines a limited number of standard products or articles which may be downloaded from the internet.

With these articles, the FSO aims to satisfy the majority of statistical geodata requirements quickly and cost-effectively. This data is available in a limited number of common formats and cover each the entire national territory of Switzerland. In order to optimize file sizes and compatibility with a large variety of application software, the articles are structured according of their level of detail and/or groups of attributes, which also allows a differentiation in price.

The data offer

Since 2007 the FSO offers only geodata for which it claims the data ownership (entirely or partly).

Available topics:

  • Land use and land cover, soil suitability
  • Informations about persons, buildings, dwellings and households from population censuses
  • Informations about business establishments and occupation from business censuses
  • Administrative boundaries (including boundaries of city quarters)
  • Topographic data with a spatial resolution of 100 m

What is chargeable and which fees are accounted?

Most of the data as well as all metadata (in particular information on available data, formats, conditions of use etc.) are published and freely accessible.

According to the official dissemination policy for statistical data, the remaining standardized geodata products are obtainable on purchasing a geodata subscription:

  • A comprehensive subscription for an monthly fee of CHF 80 allows an unrestricted access to all standardized geodata. As of 1 October 2020, this subscription will be abolished and all FSO geodata will be available free of charge.


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