Population’s transport behaviour, synthesis tables

Results of the 2021 Mobility and Transport Microcensus

Population’s transport behaviour, synthesis tables

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This dataset presents the annual data for the average daily distance per person, the average daily travel time by person and the average number of stages per person and per day, by type of means of transport, mean of transport used, reason for travel, major region, language region, spatial structure (agglomeration core municipalities and isolated towns, other agglomeration municipalities, rural municipalities), level of urbanisation, household type, day of the week, sex, age group, monthly household income, employment status, 2015. Descriptions of the variables in the CSV file are available in the Appendix.
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Published on 06.04.2023
Observation period 2021
Published by Federal Statistical Office
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Theme Mobility and transport
FSO number ts-x-11.04.03-MZ-2021-T01
Survey, statistics Microcensus Mobility and transport
Source(s) Federal Statistical Office, Federal Office for Spatial Development
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Associated documents Press conference - Population's mobility behaviour in 2021 (results of the microcensus)
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