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Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland 2018 / Statistical Data on Switzerland 2018 Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland published for 125th time

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New yearbook: Federal statistics experts present a portrait of Switzerland

Neuchâtel, 20 March 2018 (FSO) - The latest 2018 edition of the Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland marks a special anniversary: its publication for the 125th time. No other publication from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) enjoys such a long tradition nor such importance to users from all walks of life. In addition to the typical presentation of facts on our society, economy, territory and environment, the FSO has added a special supplement to this year's edition in celebration of the yearbook's history.

The Statistical Yearbook as the Memory of the Nation

An anniversary offers the perfect opportunity to reflect on history, the current constitution and of course the future - and the same applies no less to the Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland. Which is why the first few pages of this year's edition include a special chapter called The Statistical Yearbook as the Memory of the Nation. This considers the development of the yearbook, in particular its importance to the population and official statistics over the years. Six earlier editions of the yearbook from years gone by are presented in further detail. Analyses and comparisons of these exemplary years examine not only the yearbook's development and change in both good and more difficult times but they also highlight key topics of political interest: the yearbook as a reflection of both the history of the federal state and that of federal statistics.

Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1897-2017

In recognition of the long-standing interest and loyalty of many yearbook subscribers, the Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1897-2017 is enclosed with the 2018 edition. This is the latest FSO atlas, incorporating facsimiles of maps and graphs from the first statistical yearbooks of the 1890s and the Statistical Yearbook of 1987, which at the time was only published as an atlas. These are contrasted with current graphics on the same topics with the latest figures, taking readers on an exciting journey across time with the entire history of the yearbook and federal statistics covering a timespan of over 120 years. The Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1897-2017 can also be ordered as a separate publication from the FSO's online shop and in bookshops.

Anniversary website and social media

A special new website ( (german / french) has been created along with a number of social media activities including the relaunch of the FSO's Facebook page, a general overview of the Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland and the anniversary edition in particular. Its user-friendly layout helps visitors to quickly find both the information they are looking for as well as additional features such as the yearbook archive or a catalogue of graphs and infographics. In the future, the website will continue to draw attention to new editions of the yearbook and to highlight interesting topics from both the yearbook's history and present.

All yearbooks from 1981-2013 now available in the FSO's publication catalogue

Yearbooks for all years up to 2013 inclusive can now be accessed online for the first time in a new yearbook library on the FSO website (german / french). The yearbooks are available in PDF format for research and use. Yearbooks for a number of years can also be ordered in print format.

Yearbooks from 1891-2013 and other publications on the OGD website

In parallel with the yearbook's anniversary, the FSO is also launching its automated interface with, the national Open Government Data (OGD) website. The information published on the Swiss Statistics website - including thousands of datasets, tables, cubes, publications and applications - will now also be available on this important Confederation platform. at present compiles open Swiss authority data from 47 public organisations of various entities free of charge.

The 2018 yearbook: compact summary with infographics on all topics

In addition to the special anniversary content, the 2018 yearbook continues to offer its unique summary of Switzerland's statistical landscape. 21 topic-based chapters give an insight into many aspects of life in Switzerland and its economy, territory and environment. Each chapter now begins with an infographic that highlights the most important figures as an introduction to the topic. The overview section of each chapter including colourful graphs and maps puts the data into a wider context. A single result, specific time series or region can be looked up in the tables section. The methodology section provides information on the surveys behind the data and definitions of specialist terms. By combining these sections within their topical structure, cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses can be made of our country and important developments can be identified. All the chapters are written in both German and French and for Italian and English-speaking readers the yearbook provides a summary of the main findings.

Statistical Data - the FSO's most widely-read publication now available digitally

Like the yearbook, the Statistical Data (which is free of charge and available online) is also divided into the 21 topics of official statistics. Short texts, simple tables and numerous graphics invite the reader to browse through 52 colourful pages of key statistical information. It is the only FSO publication in five languages: in addition to German, French and Italian it is also available in English and Rhaeto-Romance. The 2018 edition will be made available for the first time as an interactive, digital publication in the FSO app especially intended for use on mobile devices (german / french).

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