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Due to a full revision of the sources and methodology used to produce the summary statistic "Costs and financing of health care", the final 2020 data will not be published in the fourth quarter of 2022. The next publication (2021 data) is expected in the second quarter of 2023.

Health care costs 2020 (provisional data)
Health care costs in CHF million   83 311

in CHF million

as % of total

Health care costs by service provider
Hospitals 30 873 37,1
Nursing and residential care facilities 13 927 16,7
Medical practices and outpatient centres 1 11 985 14,4
Costs of health care system by service type
Inpatient curative care
16 223 19,5
Outpatient curative care 1 2 20 178 24,2
Long-term care 3 17 209 20,7
Medical goods 1 4 12 694 15,2
Costs of health care system by financing schemes
State 18 136 21,8
Compulsory health insurance 31 563 37,9
Household out-of-pocket payments 1 5 18 020 21,6
Indicators of health care costs
Costs of health care system as percentage of GDP 11,8
Health care expenditure per capita and month in CHF      804
1 From 2017, survey data on medical practices, their services (including drugs, laboratory services, radiology) are available, the inclusion of which indirectly impacts household out-of-pocket payments.
2 The values are partly the result of an extrapolation and not of an annual estimate.
3 In and outpatient
4 Incl. medication in hospitals and medical practices
5 Incl. HIA and IPA cost sharing
Source: Health care costs and financing (COU)

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