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Health care costs 2019
Health care costs in CHF million 1 82 472

in CHF million

as % of total

Health care costs by service provider
Hospitals 30 331 36,8
Nursing and residential care facilities 13 631 16,5
Medical practices and outpatient centres 2 12 830 15,6
Costs of health care system by service type
Inpatient curative care
15 730 19,1
Outpatient curative care 2 3 21 652 26,3
Long-term care 4 16 769 20,3
Medical goods 2 5 12 602 15,3
Costs of health care system by financing schemes
State 15 754 19,1
Compulsory health insurance 31 072 37,7
Household out-of-pocket payments 2 6 20 223 24,5
Indicators of health care costs
Costs of health care system as percentage of GDP 11,3
Health care expenditure per capita and month in CHF      801
1 New calculation as of 2010. Retropolation on the basis of previous growth rates for the years 1985-2009
2 From 2017, survey data on medical practices, their services (including drugs, laboratory services, radiology) are available, the inclusion of which indirectly impacts household out-of-pocket payments. 2017 data have been revised. As a consequence, previous years data have been adjusted as the result of an extrapolation on the base of previous growth rates applied to the revised 2017 data.
3 The values are partly the result of an extrapolation and not of an annual estimate.
4 In and outpatient
5 Incl. medication in hospitals and medical practices
6 Incl. HIA and IPA cost sharing
Source: Health care costs and financing (COU)

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