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Swiss Labour Force Survey 2019-2020: Annual averages Three-quarters of employees in Switzerland record their working hours

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Women did 50% more domestic and family work than men in 2020 - but men catching up

19.04.2021 - In 2019, 73.9% of employees in Switzerland registered their working hours, whereas in the European Union (EU) only 58.1% did so. In European comparison, fixed working hours were less common in Switzerland (49.2%; EU: 60.1%) and more employed persons enjoyed a high level of job autonomy (60.4%; EU:  50.6%). In 2020, 18.2% of employed persons worked regularly on Saturdays and 9.3% regularly on Sundays. Teleworking from home increased considerably in 2020, but varies greatly by economic activity. These are some of the findings from the Federal Statistical Office’s (FSO) Swiss Labour Force Survey.

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Three-quarters of employees in Switzerland record their working hours
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