21.03.2024 - New statistical information

Definition of agglomerations and typology of municipalities 2020

In 2022, 74% of the population resided in one of the country's 52 agglomerations. This figure has remained relatively constant since the early 2010s, although three new agglomerations have been identified. Rural municipalities, which account for 57% of Switzerland's territory, are home to 14% of the population and 9% of jobs. These findings are based on the FSO 2020 statistical definitions of areas of urban character, agglomeration perimeters and typologies of municipalities.

Theme Statistical basis and overviews / Sustainable development, regional and international disparities

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  • Area with urban character 2020
    Area with urban character 2020

    Observation period: 1.1.2024

    Federal Statistical Office

    Published on 21.03.2024

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