The Confederation's annual statistics programme

Annual programme for federal statistics

The annual programme for federal statistics is drawn up under the supervision of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), in cooperation with the Confederation's statistics producers and the most important stakeholders in federal statistics. It is comprised of

  • priority projects and developments,
  • planned direct surveys and
  • an overview of the planning of federal statistics publications for the current year.

The annual programme for federal statistics complements the planning instrument of the multi-annual programme for federal statistics. It shows which projects, direct surveys and publications are used to implement the strategic, and, in particular, thematic objectives and priorities set out in the multi-annual programme for federal statistics.

Assessment of the multi-annual programme

Each year, an assessment of the implementation of the multi-year federal statistics programme is carried out with the Confederation's statistics producers, partners and, in particular, the federal statistics bodies (Federal Statistical Commission, Fedestat, Regiostat, Expert Groups). Apart from monitoring the implementation itself, the aim is to improve the networking of stakeholders and the coherence of federal statistics. It also provides the framework for the revision of the federal statistics portfolio.

Opinions of the Federal Statistics Committee

The Federal Statistical Commission is thus responsible for submitting an annual report to the Federal Council on the implementation of the multi-annual programme. The commitee is made up of representatives from the cantons and communes, the scientific community, the economy, the social partners, the federal administration and the Swiss National Bank. Every year it draws up a report on the state of implementation of the multi-annual programme as well as on the situation and developments in official statistics in Switzerland, in accordance with Art. 13 para. 1 of the Act of 9 October 1992 on federal statistics (FStatA, RS 43.01) in conjunction with Art 5 para. 3 of the Ordinance of 30 June 1993 on the organisation of federal statistics (RS 431.011). The report is always published towards the end of the first half of the year.


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