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Producer and Import Price Index in May 2021 Producer and Import Price Index rose in May by 0.8%

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Producer and Import Price Index rose by 0.7% in August

14.06.2021 - The Producer and Import Price Index increased in May 2021 by 0.8% compared with the previous month, reaching 102.4 points (December 2020 = 100). In particular, higher prices were seen for chemical products, rubber and plastic products, basic metals, semi-finished metal products and pharmaceutical products. Compared with May 2020, the price level of the whole range of domestic and imported products rose by 3.2%. These are the results from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

In particular, high prices for pharmaceutical products and plastic products were responsible for the increase in the producer price index compared with the previous month. Basic metals, semi-finished metal products, chemical products, waste collection, materials recovery and petroleum products also became more expensive.

Price increases compared with April 2021 were recorded in the import price index in particular for plastics in primary forms, petroleum and natural gas, organic products of the chemical industry, basic metals, semi-finished metal products, rubber and plastic products and petroleum products. The same applied to parquet floors, paper and paper products and other chemical products. Computers, in contrast, became cheaper.

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Producer and Import Price Index rose in May by 0.8%
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