Swiss residential property price index (Q4 2019 = 100)

Methodological principles

Swiss residential property price index (Q4 2019 = 100)

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With the Swiss Residential Property Price Index (IMPI), the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) is closing a gap in public price statistics. Real estate is a very important economic sector that is closely linked to the economy. As a new economic indicator, the IMPI is used to monitor financial market stability, monetary policy and inflation, as well as property price developments. The development of transaction prices for single-family homes and condominiums is published quarterly and broken down into five types of municipalities (urban municipalities of a large, medium or small agglomeration or outside of an agglomeration, intermediate and rural municipalities). The results are published around six weeks after the end of the observation period in the form of a press release and on the Internet. In addition, a didactic brochure, a methodological report and a detailed documentation of the hedonic modeling are available on the website (see «Further links»). Switzerland's price statistical system also includes the Swiss Consumer Price Index (CPI), the harmonised consumer price index (HCPI), the rental index (RPI), the producer and import price index (PPI), the construction price index (BAP) and the measurement of international purchasing power parities.

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