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Cultural Economy in Switzerland Culture as an economic factor: 63 000 enterprises and CHF 15bn value added

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Fragile recovery of the cultural economy in 2021 after the pandemic

13.10.2020 - More than 63 000 enterprises, over 300 000 cultural workers, who have an above-average education and who, compared with the economy as whole, are more likely to be female, and a value added of CHF 15bn or 2.1% of the GDP. These are some of the results from the Federal Statistical Office’s new statistics on the cultural economy in Switzerland, which are compiled according to an arrangement with the Federal Office of Culture (FOC).

The composite statistics presented here are guided by definitions accepted across Europe and are based on existing Federal Statistical Office (FSO) surveys. The statistics consider as culture not only traditional areas such as cultural heritage or fine arts, but also architecture or advertising, for example. The cultural economy statistics compiled by the FSO provide information on both cultural enterprises and on cultural workers. They cover the years up to and including 2019 and show the longer-term trends of the cultural economy prior to the corona crisis.

You can find further information in the press releases in German, French and Italian. The English version only contains the lead and first paragraph of the press release.


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Culture as an economic factor: 63 000 enterprises and CHF 15bn value added
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