Swiss Cancer Report 2015 - Current situation and developments

Swiss Cancer Report 2015 - Current situation and developments

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In Switzerland, 38,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed every year. 16,000 persons die of cancer every year. This second publication on cancer in Switzerland presents the current situation and developments over the past 30 years. After a general overview of all cancers, the report presents the main cancers affecting adults and children. Incidence and mortality rates, number of patients, trends in recent years regarding incidence, mortality and survival rates as well as geographical differences are also presented. In addition to the figures, each chapter contains an explanation of risk factors that have been identified in the scientific literature. The methodology used in the compilation of this report is presented in detail in a separate volume. It also contains further information on classifications, data sources and quality as well as the scientific sources used.

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Documents parentads I tumori in Svizzera, rapporto 2015: situazione e sviluppi



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