A Panorama of Swiss Society 2020


A Panorama of Swiss Society 2020

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The new series, A Panorama of Swiss Society, is published by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) and the Universities of Neuchâtel and Fribourg and is the joint initiative of official statistics and social science research in the universities. The aim of the publication is to make important findings on key socio-political topics and fundamental trends in Swiss society accessible for public interest.
This first edition of A Panorama of Swiss Society deals with the topics of migration, integration and participation. Specialists, from different disciplines, present in-depth analyses of selected trends, which they seek to interpret and explain. They examine migration backgrounds, characteristics and circumstances from various angles that concern both international and internal migration, integration processes and changes that effect society as a whole.

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Publitgà ils 18.08.2020
Editur Uffizi federal da statistica / Universitad da Neuchâtel / Universitad da Friburg
Chasa editura Uffizi federal da statistica
Copyright Uffizi federal da statistica
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Documents parentads Panorama Gesellschaft Schweiz 2020: Migration - Integration - Partizipation



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