Farm structure census 2018 Organic farming maintained its rate of growth in 2018

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In 2020, 15% of agricultural holdings in Switzerland were organic

28.05.2019 - In 2018, 50 852 farms were surveyed, i.e. 768 fewer than in 2017 (–1.5%). They farmed a utilised agricultural area of 1.04 million hectares and employed 152 400 people. For livestock, there was a decline in the number of dairy cows (–1%) and pigs (–2%) while an increase was seen for poultry (+1%) and goats (+3%). Organic farming was practised on 7032 farms and on 15.4% of land and thus maintained its rate of growth. These findings are based on the farm structure census 2018 compiled by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

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Organic farming maintained its rate of growth in 2018
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Landwirtschaftliche Strukturerhebung 2018