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Cross-border Commuter Statistics for 4th quarter 2018 Slight decline in cross-border commuters in 4th quarter 2018

21.02.2019 - The number of foreign cross-border commuters working in Switzerland fell between the 4th quarter 2017 and the 4th quarter 2018 by 2000 persons (–0.6%). The percentage of commuters with a cross-border permit from Italy fell by 4.1% and from Germany by 2.4%. In contrast, 1.3% more people from France commuted to Switzerland. Just over half of cross-border commuters came from France (55.0%), about a quarter from Italy (22.4%) and a fifth from Germany (19.2%). In Ticino, the proportion of commuters out of all employed persons was highest at 27.3%. These are the findings of the Cross-border Commuter Statistics, conducted by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) and published on a quarterly basis.

You will find further information such as tables and graphs in the press releases in German, French and Italian. The English version only includes the lead of the press release.


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Slight decline in cross-border commuters in 4th quarter 2018
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