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Employment barometer in the 4th quarter 2020 Employment in Switzerland fell in 4th quarter 2020 for the third consecutive time

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Steady employment growth continued in Switzerland in 3rd quarter 2022

Corrected results (10.3.2021)

A data processing error was detected in the Employment Statistics results published in the Employment Barometer of 26.02.2021. Here you can find the updated version. The corrections affect hospital institutions in Canton Ticino and are reflected in the various aggregates.

26.02.2021 - In the 4th quarter 2020, the total employment (number of jobs) fell by 0.3% in comparison with the same quarter a year earlier (+0.2% with previous quarter). Among women, the decrease was 0.4%, while employment among men fell by 0.3%. In full-time equivalents, employment in the same period declined also by 0.3%. The Swiss economy counted 12 600 fewer vacancies than in the corresponding quarter of the previous year (-16.1%) with the employment outlook indicator indicating a downward trend (-2.4%). These are some of the latest findings from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

You will find further information such as tables and graphs in the PDF below. Please note that the English version only includes the release's lead.


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Employment in Switzerland fell in 4th quarter 2020 for the third consecutive time
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