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Social assistance recipients in Switzerland 2016 Economic social assistance reached 3.3% in 2016

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Social assistance rate fell to 3.1% in the second pandemic year 2021 due to fewer new recipients

Neuchâtel, 19.12.2017 (FSO) - In 2016, the economic social assistance rate rose by 0.1 to 3.3%, i.e. 273,273 recipients. To gain a wider perspective on social assistance in Switzerland, it is also necessary to consider the 25,544 recipients of assistance to refugees and the 55,504 persons from the asylum process on which the Federal Statistical Office (FS0) is publishing findings for the first time.

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Economic social assistance reached 3.3% in 2016
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Bénéficiaires de l'aide sociale en Suisse 2016: aide sociale économique, aide sociale dans le domaine de l'asile et des réfugiés