Subjective well-being in Switzerland and in Europe

Satisfaction with current life and satisfaction with different areas of life is a measurement of well-being and subjective quality of life. Although the gross domestic product (GDP) is also used as an indicator for quality of life, it is only concerned with economic aspects and does not take into account changes in society, the economy and the environment. In association with other indicators, life satisfaction can complement GDP, thus enabling a better analysis of the population’s well-being.

Subjective evaluation of quality of life in Switzerland and in Europe

The well-being of the population in European comparison

The following report examines satisfaction with current life, satisfaction with one's financial situation, satisfaction with personal relationships as well as job satisfaction. With the exception of satisfaction with one's current life, these data were collected in 2018 as part of the European Quality of Life module of the SILC survey. The next results will be released every six years starting with SILC 2022. Data on current life satisfaction are now collected annually. However, for the sake of comparability with the other indicators, these data have not been updated in this chapter.

Satisfaction with current life was measured in Europe on a scale from 0 ('not at all satisfied') to 10 ('very satisfied'). The following categories applied to all countries: Low (0-5), average (6-8) and very high (9-10) satisfaction level.

Links to the results and publications at European level are listed further below under "Further information" in the paragraph "Links".

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